perks | TowelTopper

This is NOT a towel...It's a TowelTopper.

Because it's not attached to any specific towel, the TowelTopper can be used with any towel anywhere.  It's lightweight & compact, fitting easily into any bag. So think about it...HOME, DORM, SPA, GYM, BEACH, TRAVELING...and the list goes on.

And although the TowelTopper is machine washable, it doesn't need to be washed as often as your towel. So throw the dirty towel in the laundry and it's ready to go for the clean towel. Not only that, but not needing to wash it like you wash the towel saves the velcro and elastic - so it'll last...and last...and last...and last...and, well, you get the idea.

Oh yeah! Not to forget you sunbathers...wrap the TowelTopper around the towel on your chair to hold it from flapping in your face or sliding down your back while you read that trashy novel (yeah, we know that's what your reading, even if we can't see it on your e-reader). Plus it marks your territory, like a dog might. Well, not exactly like that, but still - people will know your chair is reserved.